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A distinguished 4-star Deluxe & Heritage Boutique Hotel, where tradition meets luxury in the heart of Kathmandu. Since 1990, we’ve been at the crossroads of culture and commerce, just steps away from the valley’s Tourist Junction. Our prime location offers unparalleled access to major businesses, embassies, and a mosaic of tourist delights. Immerse yourself in the legacy of Nepalese hospitality with every modern convenience at your fingertips. Discover the true essence of comfort and heritage at Hotel Manang. The Hotel’s central location in Kathmandu, tourist hotspots – Tourist Junction of the valley is also within the walking distance of major businesses, diplomatic offices, popular tourist attractions, entertainment and recreational spots, making it easy to get the most out of your stay.

Hotel Manang

Our Story

Immersed in the lively essence of Thamel, Hotel Manang stands as a testament to Nepal’s age-old tradition of hospitality. Established in 1990, our hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a passage to the splendor of a bygone Himalayan era. Named after the culturally rich district of Manang, we embody the district’s spirit of warm welcomes and gracious service. Our dedicated team, from the attentive ground staff to the caring management, ensures that every moment of your stay is imbued with the legendary kindness synonymous with Manang.

Upon entering our lobby, you’re welcomed by the artistry of Manang’s heritage—wooden carvings and statues that narrate the story of our land. These pieces are not just decor; they are the essence of our legacy, inviting you to partake in a narrative that has been woven since our inception. We at Hotel Manang are proud to offer an experience that transcends mere accommodation, inviting you to a journey steeped in the heart of Nepalese culture and hospitality.

Our Architecture

Amidst the bustling streets of Thamel, Hotel Manang stands as a sanctuary where the melodious chimes of bells resonate, not just as echoes but as a harmonious blend that captures the essence of Nepali culture and spirituality. Their sound is a call to the divine, a sanctifying force that purifies the atmosphere and invites positivity.

The architectural grandeur of Hotel Manang is a testament to this spiritual heritage. As you step onto our porch, you are enveloped by the sacred melody, leading you into a realm where the carved woodwork and statues are not merely decorative but are the keepers of the Manang legacy. With their intricate designs and tranquil expressions, they narrate the rich tapestry of our history, reminding us that to ring a bell is to engage in an act of cleansing, to drive away negativity, and to shield against the unseen.

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Hotel Manang

Hotel Manang

Hotel Manang

Hotel Manang

Hotel Manang

Hotel Manang

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Our Guest Experience

Sarah , Australia
| 2024/04/29
Not much noise, even though on a busy strip, near all restaurants, cafe & all the shopping! The culture dance was really cool as well They are very accomodating and willing to help in any situation!
Amrish , India
| 2024/05/14
Good experience and value for money front staff are very co-operative
Stay51017054102 ,
| 2024/05/15
Good service, good environment cooperative Hotel, employee neet and clean. I think best. I am stay three night, four days. Enjoy your life and good food. Thank you ???? my experience best in Kathmandu Value for money food quality, good near Market, open in night after dinner, walking Window shopping shopping, 
Arpan K , Pune, India
| 2024/03/11
Overall hotel is very good. Vegetarian food option is there and food is manageable. Hotel rooms are neat and clean. Location of hotel is at very nice place ,will good market around for shopping and to roam around.. Hotel staff is nice and humble while talking..
Suman Paul , Nepal
| 2024/05/01
We stayed at the hotel from 27-29 November 2023. Nice interior in the room and room exudes elegance. The staff of the hotel are friendly and cooperative. Services were also good. Nice and clean accomodations.
Katha Rina , Holiday | Couple
| 2024/05/07
The location of the hotel is great, everything is within walking distance (shops, sights, ATMs), but you're still able to enjoy a quiet night as it is in a side street. Rooms are spacious and clean. The staff is very welcoming and accommodating. We were able to leave our luggage there for 2 weeks while we were trekking and traveling.